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Getting ready for Android development

If you want to get started with Android development, you’ll need to setup some things like the SDK, an IDE and a AVD. In this post I will walk you through the setup of these things, crating a test project and getting the project running on the emulator.

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FITC goes mobile thanks to Thomas Joos

Tonight I leave Belgium once again. This time to attend FITC! But not without Thomas’ mobile app for FITC. If you’ve got a flash lite enabled phone, get it here, install and enjoy fitc! Read his blogpost about the app here.

[ More ] February 23rd, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in community, flash, mobile |

33 Smartphone manufacturers sued!

Last tuesday the united states patent and trademark office granted the patent request for a mobile phone with an wireless internet connection, memory card, microporcessor and a display to view data from the internet. This device has to have one of the next options: voice-dialing or (wireless) headset. As you can see, this includes almost [...]

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