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Timelab: technology & society

A while ago I attended the opening party of Timelab. This organisation offers a platform to artists, technologists and society and does research on how these communies can benefits from each other.

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document databases (MongoDB + PHP tutorial)

Last few months I’ve heard some noise on document-oriented database systems. At first I dismissed it as the next hype in web development, but last night I’ve cave in. Partly because I’m at yet another conference, Scottish Ruby Conference. This community is really focused on the early adoption of new technologies so they may be the tipping point for this hype.

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Making a RepRap – Step 0: BOM

This is parts of a series on making a RepRap.
Because we’re not used to working with electronics, the BOM (Bill of Materials) of the RepRap (as found on the RepRap wiki) looks pretty frightening at first. After a second, third and fourth look things became a bit clearer.

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We are building a RepRap!

RepRap is an open source replicating rapid prototyper, available under the GPL license. You can assemble it with (most) parts available in your local hardware shop. More then fifty percent of a new RepRap can be printed out by other RepRap’s. And we are building one…

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Railsrumble shortlist announced

Last weekend, a bunch of enthusiastic geeks participated in a competition to create a website (-app) build on Ruby on Rails in just 48 hours – Railsrumble.

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Stop watching fucking LOST!

On the Web 2.0 Expo in NY, Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library) did a talk called “Building personal brand within the social media lan” that I just don’t want to keep from you;

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Designing the social web @ d’Construct 08

Although I was pretty skeptical about the schedule at first, I decided to attend dConstruct, a conference that was on my wishlist since I’ve heard about it. dConstruct is the affordable one day conference for people designing and building the latest generation of social web applications. Steven Johnson kicked it off with a talk on [...]

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WordPress 2.5.1

I’ve just uploaded the blog to wordpress 2.5.1. With this, I finally installed a theme I’m considering for a long time now. Let me know what you think about it!

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Bride for peace

Yesterday I heard about a project I just love. Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (33 yrs) started hitch-hiking in Milan heading for Jeruzalem. She wanted to promote world peace with this project and did it dressed as a bride. I just love how people can do extraordinary stuff for the wellbeing of others. Funny no-one (including [...]

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Citygames with Plugmedia (and La Mosca)

This week I played the target, a citygame by La Mosca organized by Plugmedia. A dangerous gangster has just escaped from prison in The target. He is terrorising the city because a client will give him money for every crime he commits. Three policemen are sent to catch the man before he has managed to [...]

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