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Helvetica, the Swiss font

Last year, helvetica celebrated its 50th aniversity. For this occassion Gary Hustwit produced & directed a documentary about the typeface. The movies allready got 4 nominations in (documentary) movie festivals. ‘Helvetica encompasses the worlds of design, advertising, psychology, and communication, and invites us to take a second look at the thousands of words we see [...]

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Today Aral Balkan has taken the first stap to a wider knowledge of singularity. Anyone who puts the singularity badge on his blog and mailed him about it was sure to be one of the first to know what it is. This is his point of no return . I hope he can meet the [...]

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Social networks, product of 2007?

Today “de standaard”, a belgian newspaper, nominated social networks for the product of 2007. Also nominated are biofuel, sms as payment method, Nintendo Wii and… the iPhone. The past 2 years, the portable gps got the first place. If you want to vote, go to www.standaard.be/productvan2007.

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Citygames with Plugmedia (and La Mosca)

This week I played the target, a citygame by La Mosca organized by Plugmedia. A dangerous gangster has just escaped from prison in The target. He is terrorising the city because a client will give him money for every crime he commits. Three policemen are sent to catch the man before he has managed to [...]

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Day 3

Started the day with a session about Red5 server by Chris Allen. Really want to start playing with that stuff. Next session was about Stylizing Flex Applications by Joey Lott. Was a bit dull and the half of the presentation was a lesson in CSS . Before lunch break I went to see Andre Michelle [...]

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Day 2

After another English breakfast, day 2 of Flash on the beach started. A bit tired from the previous 2 I kicked off the day with “Flex and ActionScript 3 Worst Practices” from Ted Patrick. Nothing really new, but a nice enumeration of some good and bad practices. Next speaker I saw was Craig Swann with [...]

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Day one

Got up this morning and got my first English breakfast . After that we had to rush to the dome for the Adobe keynote that was a bit messy but very amusing. The Adobe-folks showed some things from Flash CS4 (some pritty cool stuff) and a new app for the next CS codenamed Thermo. This [...]

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End of day 0… is it?

Just got back to the hotel from the first day of FOTB07. In the first part Michelle Yaiser explained the very basics of AS3 and the first concepts of OOP. All very basic but a good refresher . The second part of the day Joey Lott showed some design patterns and gave a peek of [...]

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Lets get started!

Just entered Brighton dome for Flash on the Beach and was welcomed with goodies like towels, a book (essential actionscript 3.0), a pair of flip flops, stickers, … Sitting in the corn exchange now, ready for our first session: Intro to AS3 & OOP by Michelle Yaiser. Lets get started!

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Brighton, are you ready?

This morning Andy and I stopped working at 2:30 AM, went home and start packing for the trip… finally! Dirk (a collegue) was so kind to get us to the airport where we, after 2 hours of waiting, departed. Once arrived in Stansted, got our luggage, get some pounds and found the train ticket booth, [...]

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